Albania day 5 – visit to Simorela and almost saying goodbye

Sometimes you meet people, they touch your heart and never get out of your heart and mind. Last year we met Simorela, a young girl who got pregnant from a rape, had a girl and is only in her own family to help them wash, cook and take care of them. This year we asked them what they really need and with great shame Simorela told that they really needed a washingmachine . She was already doing the laundry of 6 people by hand for months. And today was the day we started by buying a washingmachine. Because of all the dutch people that contributed in giving money, we were able to buy a good working and well fitting washingmachine which will work in their small poor village. We drove through the mountains to reach the small village. Simorela saw me and shouted “Danielle”, even though she did not know we were coming. We brought a bag with clothes and stuffed animals for her daughter Endi and installed the machine. Simorela could not stop hugging us and cried so sadly when we had to say goodbye again. To think that there is hardly anyone taking care of her or looking after her breaks my heart. But to know that she will feel the love and our care every time she uses the washingmachine is a bit of comfort in saying goodbye. Forever in my heart Simorela and Endi, see you next year!

Endi, the daughter of SimorelA

After lunch Jeshua and I went to the old bazar to shop for some souvenirs and then I dropped him off at Eni and Klodi’s house for a bible study with some Albanese youth. The days went by so fast and although I do not like saying goodbye, unfortunately the time has come we have to say goodbye to several people that touched our hearts and will stay there forever. We went to the girls safehouse to hug and say goodbye…….. ‘till next year, dear girls!

The evening we spent with Klodi and Eni, having good conversations and enjoying the last evening together. Forever in our hearts sweet friends ❤️. And now off to bed, because tomorrow our travelling day to Holland starts at 8.45 o’clock.