Safe home……. but what is home?

This morning our journey back home started at 8.45 o’clock in Korce. Atty and Dick dropped is off at the busstation in Korce. And within 3 1/2 hours we were at the airport of Tirana to step into the house 12 hours after leaving. The first 3 hours driving through beautiful nature, enough time to reflect on the past days in Albania, on everything we have done, each wonderful person we met and all the stories we have heard. For me coming back in Holland is always a mixed feeling; on one hand it is good to be back surrounded by my own stuff and my friends nearby, on the other hand everything I do here seems so little compared to everything we can do in Albania. So home is my hone but does bot really feel like home…… at least not the first few days when I am back.

I am so grateful for the people we have met…….. for every gift we could give that meant so much for the people……..for all the people in Holland that gave money and traveled with us through prayers and reading the blogs………… for our health during the visit and healthcare in Holland……… for people with vision for the churches and the projects under the umbrella of the Kenedi Foundation………. for Atty, Dick, Klodi and Eni (and the kids) that make us feel like family………… for everything God showed us and gave us during our stay……….

Although home does not feel like home at the moment, I know that my place is here, at least now. And only God knows what the future has in store for us.